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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

To-Do List

This is our to-do list as of June 27.
*last update: September 27*
I took out all the strikes so you can actually read it, and added some useful points.

1. Get Leah (our cat) spayed and declawed.
2. Transfer car ownership to Jeff's parents. (Ownership stayed with Jeff, his parents took his car.)
3. Buy (nicotine) patches to quit smoking. (Jeff)
4. Move. ("Duh" --Jaime) (Movers came July 28.)
5. Get married.
6. Get printer ink cartridges refilled. (If you own a printer, you may want to bite the bullet and stock up on these!)
7. Move furniture to Sarnia (Sold most of it, threw other stuff out, kept some at Jeff's parents'.)
8. Cancel rent.
9. Cancel car insurance.
10. Cancel hydro.
11. Cancel cable.
12. a) Cancel DSL
12. b) Cancel phone line.
13. Obtain Government of Nunavut health cards and other necessary documents. (Didn't worry about it until we got here.)
14. Get G License. (Jaime)
15. Find birth certificate. (Jeff)
16. Buy new wardrobe. (Jeff)
17. Look into winter gear.
18. Confirm government job perks.
19. Buy pet carrier for Leah. (Thanks Matt and Allie!)
20. Look into northern camping gear.
21. Throw out unwanted clothes, etc.
22. Pick out favourite books, store the rest (at Jeff's parents').
23. Pack shortwave radio.
24. Throw out all food.
25. Get rid of goldfish and tank.
26. Buy new litterbox for Leah.
27. Allot time for errands in Sarnia.
28. Buy a better digital camera (a very good investment so far).
29. Take back empty beer bottles.
30. Buy a wilderness survival book. (Didn't do this, we'll just read stuff on the 'net.)
31. Bring all coins to Coinstar machine in grocery store.
32. Stock up on cat food and cat litter. (Also a very good investment.)
33. Order more contact lenses.
34. Sell couch/loveseat and table/chairs.
35. Buy more food.
36. Obtain enough suitcases and Rubbermaid containers for the flight. (Buy the biggest ones you can find and fill them as tightly as won't regret it, I long as you don't go over any airline and/or GN limits, heh.)
37. Book Leah into flights.
38. Clean the apartment.
39. Say goodbye to everybody.
40. Open a joint bank account. (Don't do this unless you know what bank you'll be dealing with.)

What We Regreted Not Doing/Bringing:
-More food
-More food
-More food
-(get the idea?)
-More cat litter and food (the selection of pet things here, especially for cats, is bad)

If you're moving up here, my advice to you is to buy anything you think you will need/want at some point in the future. Get carried away. If the GN is shipping your stuff up, go nuts. It is very difficult to even get near their shipping limit (6000lbs for two people). For example, if you think you need a new TV, buy it and let it get shipped. The only real problem with buying everything in sight is when you and your things finally arrive, you likely won't have room. But that sting pales in comparison to #1 the prices of things here and #2 the lack of selection for things here.

(posted and updated by Jaime)

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