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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leaving To-Do List

Admittedly, leaving here is a lot easier than arriving! I at least know what to expect of the south. Nevertheless, there's still much to do. I know people appreciate(d) my moving to-do here's my leaving one!

1. Give away Moon Unit and Dweezil. :(
2. Sell the Suzuki.
3. Sell the rest of the stuff in my apartment.
4. Change addresses on:
-Reader's Digest
-Our Canada (hush, I know my taste in magazines is elderly)
-Visa cards x2
-Bank account (change branch if possible)
-Bell Mobility bill
5. Cancel internet (I WON'T miss the Internet here!)
6. Pack stuff
7. Mail stuff down
8. Figure out if a storage unit is necessary
9. Clean up the entire apartment once empty.
10. Find something fun to do for when A visits.
11. Find out where the local thrift shop is and drop off unsold stuff.
12. Get Suzuki professionally cleaned.
13. Replace burnt out light bulbs before leaving.
14. Buy a new vehicle in Ontario.
15. Cancel car insurance.

UPDATED: 2010-06-19

That's about all I can think of. Not so hard! I've already sold the vast majority of stuff I wanted to sell. I'm currently trying to figure out how many totes the rest of my stuff will fit in and decide whether it's necessary to get a storage unit in Sarnia.

As a final note, if a certain person leaves me one more rude comment (I know who you are, I'm not stupid), I will be forced to disable anonymous comments for everybody. A good majority of my comments are from anonymous readers, so if you want to continue to be an idiot, you will wreck it for everybody. Consider yourself warned. I'm sick of your slanderous commentary about my life and I find it in REALLY poor taste that you would choose my blog of all places to blast your garbage. If you don't like me or like what I write, stop reading it.