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Friday, June 30, 2006

Blog Crazy

Good news! Jeff discovered a list of bloggers in Nunavut. I guess the Internet has more to offer for us than we thought. Jeff found this list which we are going to try to be listed on once we have more entries.

We've been spending so much time reading these blogs and I'm feeling even more excited about moving up there. It's going to be a weird adjustment but I think we're ready to take on a new way of life!

I think all of the blogs we've read have been written by teachers working up there. I wish I had some kind of game plan as far as working goes but unfortunately I haven't been to college yet. I think I'm interested in teaching up there so I wonder what I would have to do to become a teacher without going to school in another province.

I guess I'm hoping to work in a co-op store or a restaurant/hotel but I'll have to see. I do know I am very interested in going to Arctic College in Rankin Inlet so at least I have something to look forward to in my free time.

Jeff called Nunavut this morning to find out if his offer is official yet and they said they'd let us know on Tuesday. It's going to be one long weekend, that's for sure. We're letting our parents know this weekend that we're almost definitely moving there. I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but we're getting married right before we go. At least our parents will be happy about that!

Anyway, I should get some sleep. It's almost 3am but I just can't stop reading Nunavut blogs!

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