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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Jeff and I have still have not heard back from the HR Deparment regarding Jeff's references. So I can't really comment on anything specifically moving related right now because everything is still up in the air, but I'll just say that it's highly, highly doubtful we'll be moving when originally planned (August 1st).

Anyway, Jeff has still not handed in his notice at work. I don't personally think they're going to take away his offer; they've already given him an official offer and we know that at least one of his references said nice things about him. By the time everything gets sorted out, it's probably going to be October. It's quite irritating that Jeff is always the one to call them, I can't understand why they're not on the ball a little more.

In other news, our wedding has been set for July 21st. Excluding shot gun / Vegas weddings, I think we're breaking a record for fastest planned wedding. My family (well, my mom) specifically doesn't seem to appreciate it, but they're dealing with it. I've been complained to so many times since Sunday (when we set the date), I almost want to tell some of my family, "Okay, we'll push the wedding back to November. But Jeff and I won't be there, so have fun at our wedding."
I personally don't see what the big deal is. I keep telling my family, "Stop thinking of it as a wedding with short notice, it's just a going-away party where two people happen to be getting married."

I guess I'll finish this post letting everyone know I quit my job on Sunday. I didn't say goodbye to anybody and I kind of regret it, but I just couldn't take all the questions about Nunavut climate anymore. If anyone from my work is reading this, please comment and let me know. I sent out a mass email to all my friends at work but only one has bothered to follow up.

Sorry if this entry seems naggy, I'm just getting frustrated with everything, mainly the lack of real planning that we can do as far as moving goes, and the over-planning of our wedding.

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I have changed the layout, yay. It took about an hour but it's finally exactly how I want it. Hopefully Jeff likes it too!

Also, Jeff called Nunavut today at lunch and they said everything is fine, so he is handing in his notice today. He no longer will be speaking with the staffing consultant, it's up to the relocation officer now. Yay!

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