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Friday, September 08, 2006


Ah, a good week has come to its end (kind of, it's Friday).

We had 2 elders come in to our class today to show us miniature replicas of traditional tools. It was very interesting. They only spoke Inuktitut and at first the person who came with them didn't translate and I was kind of upset because I wanted to know what they were saying. Finally the two of us that don't know Inuktitut got translations which was nice, I was glad to understand! I can catch the occasional word like "qallunaat" (white person), "umingmak" (muskox), "okalik" (rabbit), and "siksik" (squirrel) but not much more than that. Afterward we all got to look at their tools and I asked lots of questions. Their tools are so clever.

After that we had our class photo taken which is going in either the Nunavut News or Kivalliq News next week. I'll have to buy both to see. So anyone in the Kivalliq region, check it out next week! If anyone in the south wants one, let me know and I'll send you one.

I got my college email address and it's only three letters off of Jeff's work email address, haha. Mine is [deleted for privacy].
The J Hunters are taking over the GN! I am amused when I think of how appropriate our last name is here, haha.

Because of our field trip yesterday, I was able to properly identify three Inuktitut syllabics on the wall today of our class (there are flash card type things of each syllabic around the class). One of my friends showed me how easy it is to say the whole alphabet. I'm going to keep working at it and pretty soon I'll be able to translate the syllabics into roman letters. I won't have any idea what they mean but I'll be able to actually say them! I've already translated part of the newspaper, heh. It's nerdy fun.

The same friend said if the weather stays nice that she and her husband may take us out to the Thule site. That would totally rock, especially for Jeff who couldn't make his Marble Island trip.

Weather, please stay nice this weekend!

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