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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of College

I just came back from my first half of orientation at the college.
I'm excited to get going with it but this whole week is just for orientation.

There's just over 40 students going to the college. I'm not sure how many of those are Management Studies students but it seems to be a popular program choice. There's not many programs that are offered. There's Management Studies, Office Admin, CARS (some airplane thing), Midwifery, and Basic Adult Education. So that means there's about 5 classrooms and about 6-8 instructors, haha. I kept thinking about my brother and how he went to Western University...the school with the same amount of students as Nunavut's entire population (30 000).

Since it's so small, the instructors I met already knew my name. I was just like, "How did you know my name?" but I never really got an answer. I'm the only non-Inuit female student but there are about 5 "qallunaat" guys. We listened to a bunch of people talk today and every now and then they'd break out into Inuktitut while I sat there pretending I knew what they were saying. I find that if there's a better way to say something in Inuktitut, they will say it in Inuktitut.

Also, our parkas are in!!! I have no idea when we're going to pick them up at the airport. I'm hoping Jeff will slip out of work early and go get them. I don't know when the Canadian North booth closes so I don't know if I can pick them up after school.

I was jealous because Jeff gets to go to Marble Island either this week or on the weekend but it turns out the staff and students from the college are going out on the land to an elders' cabin where we get a catered lunch. Ha ha, Jeff! Two can play at this field trip game!

All in all, I'm totally looking forward to the rest of this week and my school year.

(posted by Jaime)