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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Arrival of Stuff

Wow, unpacking is almost as difficult as packing!

This morning as I lied in bed with my earplugs in, I wondered if Jeff would call me if the movers called him or if he would wait until later. I fell asleep after that and woke up to Jeff entering the apartment, at 10:10am. I asked him what he was doing home and he said the movers are coming!! I must have ESPN or something, heh. I threw on some clothes and we cleaned up a bit and they showed up around 10:40am.

Nothing came broken which is great however not everything stayed intact...
I was putting all of bowls and dishes in a lower cabinet on a shelf. I remarked to Jeff that it feels like we have a lot of dishes after living for a month on TWO plastic lunch plates and 3 plastic, unsturdy bowls. Once I finished I of course went on to other things. About 20 minutes later, the shelf came crashing down and with it the bowls and plates onto the floor. Several broke, probably 6 or 7 or maybe more, it was hard to tell. I stood there stunned for probably a minute before I started picking up the shards.

Anyhow, here are some photos of the move-in madness!

Ahhhhhh....look what crawled into our box in Ontario! Just kidding, I'm just a huge dork!

Jeff finding a place for the bowls, some of which would break later.

Don't just do something, stand there!

The very first thing that was unpacked. Photo coasters (with no photos yet).

What I'm staring at from the couch.

Leah trying to get our attention away from the boxes by giving us a death-defying show of walking on a door.

For my next act, I will attempt to walk across this extremely narrow door frame!

Who cares about that other crap, our featherbed is here!!!

Ahh, the boxes are invading the storage room!

Jeff fighting the boxes for world domination.

The poor movers had to work in this bad weather. But on the bright side, look how freakin' close the college is!

This is after an hour's worth of work. The going is tough.

I've opened many more boxes since Jeff has gone back to work but I took a break to write this entry.

Well, it looks like we're going to have an apartment sale or put up a sale sign on bulletins around town. We have way too much stuff, this place is going to be a lot different once everything is unpacked and we're both not looking forward to it.

Oh yeah, our TV antenna arrived...I've never been so happy to see "Road to Avonlea" before!

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