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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I did take photos!

Hah... and Jaime says I'd never get photos of Chesterfield Inlet:

I missed some great photos coming into town, but checked my camera and couldn't take anything. This is the Chesterfield Inlet Airport.

The doors of smaller airports in this region have walk-in-cooler (or fridge) doors on them which I find kind of amusing.

This is a photo of the edge of town. I went to get a pop at what I thought was the Northern, and an older man indicated that the Northern was way across town, so I went thirsty all day until I got back to Rankin.

This is the tail end of a Calm Air Cargo plane that left before us. I really wanted to take a picture of the vintage bird I was flying in (A Fairchild Merlin IIIA? ca. 1970?), but checked my camera before it came in!

(posted by Jeff) (with Jaime's help in the photo department)

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