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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring has Sprung

Look at that weather! I'm not sure why I'm inside right now, because it feels amazing outside. Everytime I take a deep breath of fresh spring air, I half-expect to look up and see flowers and trees. I don't typically miss the foliage I'm accustomed to; I believe this is only the second time I've missed trees (and flowers). The first time was when fall started. I had my mom send me up some orange maple leaves which our cat promptly ate.

Nothing overly exciting has been going on with us lately. We recently bought an ATV from our friend who just moved back to St. John's (hi Christine!). We're anxious to take it out and go for a drive. It's supposed to be nice this weekend too, so if we don't take the ATV out, I'd like to drag my bike out and ride around.

Jeff has booked his vacation and a plane ticket from Iqaluit to Ottawa, since he will be in Iqaluit for a work trip at the beginning of our vacation. My own plans are still up in the air. I had originally planned to fly to Toronto at the beginning of May (before meeting Jeff in Halifax for the start of the actual vacation part), but my employment status (or lack thereof) might be changing shortly. I have a few possible jobs lined up, but nothing confirmed in any way. It's frustrating not knowing exactly when I'm going to be leaving. It doesn't leave me with much to look forward to, ha.

I'm almost done college. I have 7 class days left and I'm pretty happy about it. I'm eager to finish and start working. I finish my Simply Accounting course on April 20th and I think our Hamlet Days start April 21st. I'm looking forward to the games and things.

Anyway, Jeff was in Chesterfield Inlet today and meant to take photos, but I just noticed the camera is sitting on the desk. That's the second time he's done that when going there. Maybe we're just not meant to have photos of Chesterfield Inlet.

The sun has been setting later and later these days, as it's supposed to. It doesn't get dark until 9-ish and I absolutely love it. Jeff has different feelings about it, though, and so I somehow consented to having foil put on our bedroom window (he must have asked me while I was asleep, because the sun in the bedroom doesn't bother me).

I think that's everything from us. In blogging news, I plan to set up an FAQ soon so people can consult it to answer their questions about moving here. We've had an influx of emails lately and I think an FAQ would be more helpful.

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