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Saturday, December 30, 2006


It's BINGO night in Rankin Inlet. Hah, we're about to take part in our first BINGO "party," which sounds really, really unusual, as neither of us have grey hair or false teeth. We're going to our neighbours' (down the hall) to play BINGO in a collective manner with a group of people. The radio station calls out the numbers, and if you have BINGO, you call in. I'm a little confused, but we've been promised that there will be people at the BINGO party to explain it to us. I have this strange sense that I'm going to be tonight's $20,000 jackpot winner.

Well, Jeff's out of ideas for writing so Jaime's taking over.

Anyway, Christmas was nice and quiet here. We ended up having two turkey dinners and were stuffed by the end of the night.

Santa was good to both of us. Santa got Jeff "Law & Order" season 1, a Tragically Hip CD, and the DVD of "The Constant Gardener." Santa got me some arctic-centric documentaries and a nice backpack from MEC. I was in dire need of a backpack as I was lugging around thick binders and other materials half-way across town twice a week (for Brownies and Guides). I'm excited to try it more backaches and various awkward totes falling off my shoulders.

Tomorrow night we're attending another party which should be fun. Last New Year's Eve, if you had told us we'd be spending the next December 31st at a house party in Nunavut, we would have laughed ourselves silly at such an unlikely prediction. But here we are and it's strangely amusing.

(posted by Jeff and Jaime collectively)

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