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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sissy Blizzard

Well, our much-hyped (by Environment Canada) blizzard was a measly one at best. I woke this morning around 10 and saw blowing snow outside. I was hoping it'd get worse but it never did. :( Oh well, there's still lots of time left until spring for blizzards!

Here are some photos of the "blizzard":

Here we see just how wussy the blizzard really was. We shouldn't be able to faintly make out those houses in the distance, let alone the college. What a gyp, haha.

Here we see the lame gusts of wind. Pfft, I can sneeze stronger wind than that. :(

In completely different news, I think the Sugar Rush Café has a new cook because I bought these the other day:

The raw fish was actually cooked shrimp, but they were tasty nonetheless.

I think the sushi was a hit because when I purchased them, there were 4 or 5 plates left. The next day there was but 1 plate left. I hope the cook makes them again. Any food out of the ordinary tastes so good these days.

Well, this weekend was pretty slow, as per our norm (even in London). Together, we only went outside once and it was to the Northern for a ($20) 12-pack of Pepsi that Jeff used to bribe me with for a can of Coke earlier in the day. I'm so easy to please...!

Our good friends Matt and Allie from Sarnia sent us up a "care package" full of goodies. Jeff got season 1 of the Gilmore Girls...which he has now been watching for 10 consecutive hours.

I spent a good chunk of my day putting DVDs on my mp3 player.

Quality time with each other is definitely our #1 priority...ha ha ha.

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