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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Wow, our prayers have been answered.

The relocation officer emailed Jeff with our flight confirmations!!
We leave August 1st (yay). Flight #1 is to Toronto. Flight #2 is to Winnipeg. Then, after a 6 hour layover (ouch), Flight #3 leaves for Rankin Inlet. This is one flight less than I thought we'd take, so I'm pretty happy about that. I'm still very nervous about taking our cat, Leah, but we are going to call Air Canada and First Air to get the information we need so I can stop having a stroke everytime I think about it.

Our apartment/townhouse (don't know yet) will be furnished, too. I am excited about that. New furniture!

Jeff and I have been eating greasy foods for the last week or so because we figure we'll have to start eating healthier once we move up there. I've heard that there are KFC Express things in convenience stores up there and if so that's pretty cool. I'm not a big fan of KFC but it's probably Jeff's favourite place so what are the chances that his favourite fast food restaurant would be in Nunavut?

Okay, so this post was kinda pointless. Jeff says he's going to call Air Canada right now and he may make a post later tonight, so hopefully this isn't all from us.

I just noticed that today is the first day since Sunday when I haven't been bugged by my family with endless phone calls! Yay! It's a good day today.

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