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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pre-Moving Day

Our apartment is the new Ground Zero, I swear. The movers are coming tomorrow, my last day of work was Tuesday. It is utter bedlam: Stacks, piles, heaps, and mounds of stuff -- everywhere! Fly up piles. Move up piles. Garbage piles. Into storage piles. Numerous give away piles for numerous lucky family members. On top of tomorrow being moving day, it's also garbage day. Us Londoners are subject to a four-bag-per-household limit which may just get violated tomorrow.

On top of all that, I seem to have acquired an on-again-off-again cold which isn't helping my level of sorting performance. I felt pretty good yesterday until last night, but have felt really run-down again today. Not good timing, since there seems to be six hundred new things to do around every corner. Jaime's out doing some laundry right now... She said she was coming back after packing the stuff into the washers, but I haven't seen her yet. I hope she hasn't up and runoft with some laundromat guy just to avoid coming back here.

Right now I'm working on books. Pretty hard to decide what to do with our books (three bookcases full). My job is of indeterminant duration, and I'm having a hard time anticipating whether we're really going to like it up there, and stay for a long time, or if we'll be back in a year. I'd hate to have to pay $10,000 to ship all of our stuff back if we take stuff that's "too good." Ahhh, damn, maybe I'm overanalyzing the situation.

Oh well, back to it...

(posted by Jeff)