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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Last Summer Days

Well judging by the other Nunavut blogs, Rankin is the place to be right now! Today it was around 15C. It felt amazing. Jeff and I never got to go to the Thule site this weekend but we took a very long walk around town today. It seems that everytime we go for a walk we find more. We found the cemetary today which anyone who has been here will know isn't much of an accomplishment, haha. It's not out of town or anything.

Jeff and I have been toying with the idea of getting a small SUV next year instead of an ATV. I was pretty against getting a traditional vehicle but now that we talk about it, it doesn't seem like too bad of an idea. Tons of people own trucks, vans, or SUVs here.

As predicted, Jeff and I are becoming TV addicts. TVTropolis is amazing! As is The CW. I doubt we'll get satellite now, even if it does mean less reliability in blizzards. I wouldn't want to spend a blizzard watching television, anyway.

We took our parkas out for a dry run the other night. It wasn't very cold, maybe 5C so we stayed pretty warm. And by "pretty warm," I mean sweating. My parka is great on the legs, it's like wearing a down-filled sleeping bag.

I start actual class tomorrow, I'm excited. I only have two classes (until October 4) and they're both going to be pretty easy. One is Business Math which I guess is comparable to high school math which should be a breeze for me (I'm pretty good with math). The other course is Intro to Microcomputers which I've been told is very easy. If we had stayed in London I'd be taking an IT course right now at Fanshawe College so you can only imagine how easy this course is going to be for me. Other students have said it's sickeningly easy. At least I'll have a good average! The courses here last anywhere from 9-20 classes so it should be easy to stay on track and not get sick of anything.

Have a good week everybody! Let's hope the weather stays this nice.

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