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Monday, October 30, 2006

Useless Update #2

It looks like a few of us are experiencing lulls in our northern writing.
Even though I feel busy lately, I've been wanting to blog. I guess just not a lot has been happening with us lately.

The only things that have happened to us lately aren't really northern-related and all revolve around material goods:
-We now are awaiting the shipment of 2 orders. Come on, books and CDs!
-I went on an online shopping spree at and now have $200+ worth of clothes coming, woo hoo.
-I have to get my mp3 player exchanged.

Before we moved I bought the very nice video/photo, 30G mp3 player seen here. Let me start out by saying that I bought it in June and I had been saving for it since March or so. I was like that kid out of A Christmas Story wanting that Red Ryder BB Gun. Many hours had been devoted to reading reviews for it all over the 'net. The day I finally bought the player was kind of humourous because obstacles kept getting in my way of the mp3 player. I was very excited when one morning after a payday, I finally had enough money. I quickly got ready and hopped on the next bus to Future Shop. I had planned to play around with the demo just to make sure I wanted it. When I arrived, someone else was on the demo, chatting it up with a sales associate about buying it. I noticed there was one left under the glass so I was edgy. The guy continued playing on the demo for 10 painstaking minutes before leaving. I had exhausted my ability to fake-browse within the first 30 seconds of walking in the store so the second he walked away, I walked up, and immediately said, "I want that!" pointing to the last one left. I walked out of Future Shop five minutes later and $500 poorer. On the way home, in true London style, we were stopped by a train for another painstaking 10 minutes. I almost ran the rest of the way when I finally got off the bus.

So now you have an idea of how much I loved that mp3 player. I don't have kids nor do I plan on ever having them, so I let myself get a little attached to meaningless things. But right this very minute, my poor broken mp3 baby player is sitting in a heavily padded box in an airport somewhere, awaiting to be sent to Sarnia, then exchanged for a new one at Future Shop, then sent back to Creative while a hopefully less-defective one gets sent to me.

People get attached to their first car but all I had was that mp3 player.

In other, less pathetic news, my Management Communications class is going well. As it's only 2 weeks long, a lot of information is jammed packed into my brain each day. Although I like this business writing stuff, I miss the Northern Issues class. It was a lot of fun and very interesting. Not to mention there was no work at all!

It looks like I will be starting Brownies next week. I hope that I haven't taken on too much for myself. School, Brownies, and Guides could turn into a lot of work very easily.

Although it is much warmer here than it is in other parts of Nunavut, I've been wearing my parka since about the beginning of the month. I tend to get too warm in it but today we walked to the Northern and I wore my old/southern winter jacket. I was freezing cold and the walk is barely 100 metres. I had to go back out again to get sour cream so I wore my parka and I noticed how big the difference is. In the parka you can't even tell how cold it is out. I feel like I'm in a bubble of warmth.

Okay, that's about as much as I can muster up for now!

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