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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Stupid Keywords

StatCounter is a wonderful thing because it lets you spy on who is coming to your website. It gives you all sorts of interesting information, my favourite of which is "came from" which shows the pages that provided the link for people to get to your website. I notice we get quite a few humourous keywords so I have started compiling them. Here they are, for your amusement. Not all of them are "stupid" per sé (like "what is nunavut in inuktitut") but random and strange and a miracle that they lead to our blog. Please note I have left spelling/grammar problems intact.

If you landed on this page because of a Google hit, feel free to actually peruse our blog. We (or other bloggers) can likely answer many of your questions.

Updated July 18, 2007.

an interesting thing about nunavut
an ordinary life of a nunavut person
arctic bunnys

best thing about nunavut
broccoli prices in nunavut [NEW]

coinstar sucks

does nunavut have a grocery store
does xpresspost take longer during the christmas rush
driving to nunavut

espn employee winter parkas

haircut in the eighties
how does an inuit sod house looks like
how does nunavut get their clothes
how does nunavut look like?
how long would it take to drive from toronto to nunavut
how long does it take to fly from nunavut to toronto
how nunavut got its name
how to say good morning in inuit
how to say nunavut in inuktitut

i got a written job offer and they revoked it [NEW]
inuktitut word
i love my vitamin cookies
iqaluit alphabet
is there a mcdonalds in iqaluit

ketchup prices in nunavut

life in
love fur mittens

made you look + nunavut + forward
malls in nunavut
management associate northern store blog

nice things about nunavut
northern manitoba gets dark
nunavut good/
nunavut sucks
nunavut not interesting
nunavut gloves
nunavut parkas
nunavut dishes
nunavut village
nunavut stupid
nunavut what is it like

one thing that makes nunavut interesting

picture of parka winter coat in iqaluit
prices in n [NEW]

rankin inlet alphabet
rankin inlet coats
rubbermaid store london ontario

similarities of ontario and nunavut [NEW]
site scene, rankin inlet, nunavut
stupid tourist questions about whales

travelled a lot for work
the coldest nunavut has ever dropped in temperature
things to know about nunavut
things you don't know about nunavut [NEW]
top 25 questions on nunavut

video life in nunavut
video of a fairchild merlin in flight

wendy's homestyle chicken fillet picture
what are people in inuktitut
what is nunavut in inuktitut
what kind of people live in nunavut [NEW]
what they don't have in nunavut [NEW]
where is nunavut
what schools did laura secord go to
white kids that move to nunavut
who the name nunavut came about
why is nunavut so cold?
why not move to nunavut

yellowknife parka
yellowknife stupid tourist questions
you know nunavut when [NEW]
yuotube gramer
yuotube videos aerobicos

Keep coming back for more, I will keep updating this list.

(posted by Jaime)