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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Picture Perfect

We booked most of our flights! I'll be spending a few days in Toronto and Sarnia (where I grew up) before meeting Jeff in Halifax. I have 9 days in Ontario as I'm flying down May 10 and meeting Jeff on May 19 (Jeff is coming from Iqaluit for a work thing). I'm really, really excited to see my friends and family.

We'll be back in Rankin for June 17 which makes this the longest vacation in human history. The way we see it is we've gone much longer without going on vacation than everyone we know. We've been here since August and we haven't gone on a single vacation so if that doesn't warrant a month-long vacation, I don't know what does.

Yesterday we tried to go fishing with some friends but it didn't quite work out. We were unable to find a hole to use and we didn't have the right equipment to dig a hole in less than 12 hours, ha. We ended up going on a drive on the land and on the northern side of the inlet and it was enjoyable. We hadn't been up the road since the fall and it was great to see the land again.

Anyway, we were able to take some awesome photos. We really like them, and I think they're my favourite photos we've taken, so enjoy...

Searching for a hole in the ice on Landing Lake. There are cottages around the lake, which is what you see in the background. I love this photo!

Two dog teams did a few laps around the lake, presumably for some qablunaat.

Attention Ford employees: we are willing to sell you this photo. Hahaha...

A Bombadier bringing some stuff back, possibly from Chesterfield Inlet, or possibly just their cabin. I want to ride on one of these so bad.

A polar bear. You can see the gunshot hole in its shoulder.

This muskox has been across the street from the Sugar Rush for a few weeks now.

Close-up muskox head details.

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