Nunavut Newbie v.2.0: Iqaluit Newbie

A journal that will hopefully help out anyone who is thinking about moving to Nunavut or anywhere in Northern Canada.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Nunavut Newbies v.2.0

I'm here in the big city!

My flight went smoothly. I was so nervous on the plane about whether someone would be picking me up at the airport. Thankfully, my new boss was there and so I calmed down a lot! He took me to the house where I'll be staying until the 14th. It's a very nice townhouse. Unfortunately, it's on the top of a hill (one of many, argh) and walking home from work is quite exhausting. I'm not sure where I'll be after the 14th, but hopefully I won't have to stay in too many more temporary homes. I bought so much house stuff on vacation and I'm eager to unpack it all and start living life in all green! That's right, I kind of have an obsession with green. I won't even make a list of all the green things I bought. You'd promptly close the window and swear to yourself you never knew one person could be so insane.

So, Iqaluit. These are the differences (compared to Rankin) that I've noticed so far:
1. Much bigger, obviously.
2. Hills. Everywhere. They make me not want to leave the house because it takes so long to walk everywhere and it's so tiring.
3. Loads of French people. I like it, I like the trilinguality (if that's a word) of this city. Plus it gives me a chance to use some of the French I learned in high school.
4. The Northern-brand bread is ACTUALLY soft here. I've had my loaf since Monday and it's still 100x softer than the freshest loaf I ever bought in Rankin.
5. 2L bottles of pop are $4.79. I almost fainted when I looked at my receipt.
6. I've already had more offers to buy carvings, jewelry, etc. in the last 4 days than I had in 6 months in Rankin.
7. It definitely has a more urban feel here. Maybe it's just because I don't know anyone, but I feel very anonymous here.
8. The Quickstop is actually convenient. I did a bit of grocery shopping in one today. I wish Rankin's was like the ones here!
9. The restaurants here are actually nice. Pricey, but nice.
10. There are so many taxis.

And although I had the same job in Rankin as I do here, my duties are quite a bit different. It mostly comes down to how the office is run and the larger number of people working in it, but I feel like I'm relearning everything over again. I'm excited about it, though. I loved my job in Rankin and it's great to be able to keep doing it.

The biggest challenge for me is going to be finding a brand new circle of friends. I'm not really sure how I'm going to go about doing that, but I definitely plan to start going to courses or whatever. I still have to figure out that stuff. I know there's way more to do here than Rankin, but I'm not exactly sure what there is yet!

Also, I'd like to point out that it is not cool to be offered a free dog when I miss my cat terribly (she's still in Rankin). I almost briefly considered it...almost. Then I remembered: I know nothing about dogs, especially large dogs, I don't even have my own place, and Leah would hate it (Leah being my cat). It'll be really nice to have my cat back. She'll make the adjustment phase of living alone much easier.

So all in all, I'm really liking it here so far. I can't wait to feel like I actually know what the heck is going on.