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Saturday, June 05, 2010

The 5 "W"s

I've been asked to give some explanation about my choice to move back to Ontario.

It started last fall. I decided to write the entrance test for the RCMP. I already work for the RCMP and after thinking about it since the day I started my job in 2007, I felt ready to try it out. My original plan was to wait to start the process when I felt ready to leave Nunavut. I did not feel 100% ready last fall but knowing it could take up to a year for the process, I went ahead and started.

Soon after, my mind was occupied by the idea of moving. It seemed inevitable after writing the test (I was certain I had passed). Everything just seemed like a forward march back down south starting then.

Shortly after I received the results (I passed), I went on Christmas holidays. It was then I met my boyfriend Anthony, who had found me online through this very blog and with whom I'd struck up an online friendship. I even went and visited him in his town, Ann Arbor. Without going into much detail, everything changed for me. I knew what I needed to do.

I came back home and canceled my RCMP application. It was a difficult thing to do as I'm not a fan of backing out of things, especially since all my coworkers knew I had applied.

Anthony and I were talking every single day (we still do) and things had gotten serious. After talking about our options, I decided that since I was planning to leave Nunavut anyway, I would move back to Sarnia so we could be closer while we continued to date.

So that's the deal. I rarely go into this much detail about my personal and work life, but I know everyone is interested in the details.

Now that I've returned home from my last ever vacation from Nunavut, the idea of leaving is becoming real. I don't know what it's like for other Nunavummiut, but I have lived most of my adult life here. I moved out of the house I grew up in when I was 19 and moved to Rankin Inlet shortly after turning 20. I'm 24 now and so much of my adult life has revolved around living here. There are things about being in the south that confuse me (most infamously, pay-at-the-pump gas stations). The rapid pace at which things change confuses the hell out of me. Self-checkouts were just getting big when I left. Timers on stop lights, iPhones, electronically-paid's a whole different world I'll need to learn.

As a final thought, the only part I am feeling genuinely sad about is the fact I can't bring 2 of my cats. If you know of anyone who wants 2 smart, friendly cats, let me know. They are spayed/neutered, de-clawed and 2 of the best pets you could ever ask for.

On a different note, I came across this website. It's an online store filled with different "Canadian" food. I thought it might be of interest to Nunavummiut who stock up on certain favourite groceries on vacations. They even sell Laura Secord chocolates!