Nunavut Newbie v.2.0: Iqaluit Newbie

A journal that will hopefully help out anyone who is thinking about moving to Nunavut or anywhere in Northern Canada.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few Thoughts

Curbs: I don't like them. I am not using to having to mind short walls of pavement when driving.

Spiders: Hate hate hate them. There are no spiders in Nunavut, which I loved. Now that I am back in the jungle of Ontario, spiders are about 10 times more scary to me. There was one on the steering wheel last night and I started to have a panic attack. Thank goodness there was a bunch of napkins in the door pocket so I could grab it and throw it out the window. If not I would probably have driven into oncoming traffic. Spiders, small but indirectly deadly to the unadjusted Nunavut ex-pat.

Grocery stores: Only a person who has not been living in a place with decent grocery stores can truly appreciate them. I went last week to pick up some things and I admit, I was a tad frightened. I was too overwhelmed to do any productive shopping. Today I went armed with a grocery list as I decided to make supper for my dad and myself tonight. Super Store (is that what it's called?) is still a little intimidating but I love how cheap everything is and how much selection of everything there is. I'm not kidding, I stared with my jaw hanging open at the expansive yogurt section for a good 5 minutes. I couldn't decide what to buy, there were so many options.

Inception: My sister and I saw it last night, it was excellent. We managed to get tickets mere seconds before it sold out. I couldn't believe the amazing deal...$10 gets you admission, popcorn, and a drink (not small sized, either). I will be going back for more Telus Tuesdays at Famous Players!

YMCA: Cue heavenly music from above. Yesterday I had my session with a personal trainer. The Y here uses TechnoGym equipment...very neat stuff. It's all electronic and records your workouts and tells you where your seat is supposed to be, how much weight you should be lifting, how many reps, sets, etc. It's just what I need to get back into strength training. Also, may we discuss how amazing it is to have a shower after you're done working out? It's a very new luxury for me and it makes me so happy. One of these days I'm going to blurt out in the showers, "Man I love a good shower after a workout, isn't it amazing!?!" only to be met with silence from people disturbed by my extreme ease of pleasure.