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Saturday, June 19, 2010

T-Minus 32 Days Until the Big Move

Thanks so much for all the nice comments you guys have been leaving lately. They've been really nice to read.

For those wondering, I am going to keep writing post-Nunavut. Once I'm in Ontario, I'm going to start a new blog to chronicle my life as a born-again southerner.

There's been lots of movement since I posted my to-do list. On Tuesday I went around town and posted some signs. I noticed they've already been removed from a few places. That's testament to the fact SO MANY signs get put up on a regular basis. It actually bugs me because if the car and TV don't get sold soon, I have to go put and signs back up.

Since I posted, my cats have found a new home. Their new owner is coming to pick them up tomorrow. I'm going to miss them a lot, they've been such good company. I will never give away a pet ever again, once in a lifetime is more than enough.

There's been some interest in my TV and my Suzuki also. Once those things are sold, I won't have anything left to sell! I sold and gave away the last little bit today. I had a box left plus 2 bags of clothes so I brought them down to the thrift shop. The Anglican church has a thrift shop down in Green Row and I was more than happy to donate my stuff.

Starting Monday, I am going to start mailing 1 or 2 totes back to Sarnia each week. With all the money I'm giving Canada Post in the next little while, I hope they use it to hire more workers at the post office here. Our mail is unthinkably slow right now. On Monday, I received an Entertainment Weekly from MAY 14! It was a whole month late! I've seen on Facebook other Iqaluimmiut talking about how slow it is, so I know it's not just a fluke. Everything I've been receiving lately is 2 weeks to a month late. I'm expecting a postcard from NY state and I am expecting it to show up mid-July. Anthony was in Germany in April and he sent me a postcard from Cologne. It took about a month to get here. I'm not going to miss the constant frustration here that is mail.

On the agenda for this weekend (as far as moving is concerned) is pack up a tote or two, get rid of some of the cat litter I bought on sealift, and drill holes into my Rubbermaid totes. Normally I just use tape to keep the lid on my totes but since these totes are not going to be opened again until early 2011 likely, I decided to do it the right away and do the cable tie thing. The best way to keep the lid on is to put the lid on, drill holes along the edge of the lid that go through the lid and the tote, then use a cable tie to hold them together. Not even the war field that is Canada Post can pull the lids off then! (Knock on wood!)

This will be my inspiration when packing my stuff:

Current view out of my apartment:

(Coincidentally, this photo is exactly 1 year old. I took it June 19, 2009 at 11:30pm)

New apartment view:

(Okay, well, the view will be from one of those apartment buildings. And it will be facing the water.)

I'm still trying to find a job in Sarnia so I can buy myself a purty new car, so keep your fingers crossed that something comes my way.