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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Stuffless and Ready to Go

This is just a short entry to say that the (free) packers and movers came on Friday and took most of our stuff away. The mover who drove the truck acted like he thought we were off our rocker for moving to Nunavut. He did what a lot of people have been doing: he got a little huffy and said "Why? There's nothing to do there!"
Jeff and I can't stand that comment. Not only does it ALWAYS come from somebody who's never been to Nunavut, but it's completely hypocritical. We ask, well what is there to do to here? What do we do here that is so much better than what Nunavumiuts do? We go to malls? We see concerts? I can live without malls and concerts.

During my cleaning on Thursday, I thought to myself that the people who make the "nothing to do" comment aren't saying it because they know there's apparently nothing to do. They say it because 1. they don't know anything about Nunavut so that automatically means there's nothing to do there; and 2. they themselves wouldn't move to Nunavut because they don't know anything about it, hence point 1.

One thing I'm glad to leave behind is all the "experts" here in Ontario who think they know what Nunavut is all about. I'm sure anyone who's moved to Nunavut from elsewhere has encountered this.

Anyway, I've got things to do! This may be our last entry before the big move so see you in Nunavut!

(posted by Jaime)