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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

First trip to the Grocery Store

We just came from our first trip to the grocery store. "Wow," is all I can say about this:

White bread 2.39
8 Hamburger buns 3.49
6-pack of coke 10.98
One white onion 2.38
200 grams of cheese 3.99 (this was an on-sale item)
1 pound margarine 4.39
2 meat pies at 2.89 each
2 pork chops 6.75
1 package of breakfast sausage 5.89
1 hotrod packaged meat-thing 0.99
8 pre-packaged hamburger patties 14.39
1 package of chicken nuggets 9.99
1 package of cigarettes 11.74

...and we only bought stuff that didn't seem outrageously expensive: mostly store-brand stuff. We passed on the 8 dollar windex and the 12 dollar containers of orange juice.

(posted by Jeff)