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Friday, August 04, 2006

Settling In

I was feeling a little masochistic so I went to the Northern store again today. Jeff and I had somehow forgotten to bring shampoo and conditioner. 1 bottle of shampoo, 1 bottle of conditioner, and a package of 20 plastic/disposable party cups ran me $24. We didn't bring much in the way of kitchenware so the plastic cups are perfect.

We also checked our mail for the first time and we had mail! A flyer from the Northern store, but at least it's mail. They've got a real great deal going right now...12 cans of pop for $18! Do me a favour: next time you take a drink of pop, think of me.

We ventured to the co-op today. It's pretty much another grocery store. Same stuff, same prices.

We also had our phone hooked up today. We've already had one wrong number. It's been 5 hours since it's been hooked up and no telemarketers have called. In London this would be a world record!

Well, I know what most you wanna see and I'm not going to fail to deliver.

One of the stranger sights in town. A field of dogs. Dogs in fences, dogs chained to houses. Just plain dogs everywhere. They all bark and howl when you walk by.

Me standing by a little pond. This more or less is looking onto the inlet that looks onto Hudson Bay. Yeah, that's a toque in August.

Arctic cotton.

The view. The houses you see on the left aren't really part of town. We think they're summer cottages.


Some kind of arctic berries. The ground here is soft and squishy. It feels like you're walking on thick sponges but because the tundra is like desert, it's not wet. In fact, when you step on the soft land, little clouds of dust fly up around your feet.

Our apartment building!!! It's the tall one.

The majority of the town. This does not show the section we live in, which seems to be the newer section.

An ermine. It's something of an arctic weasel. They're pretty much the squirrels of the north. They swish their tail around and dig through stuff.

Another view of part of town.

A panoramic view of the edge of the town. That's not the entire town.

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