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Friday, August 25, 2006

Mini Sealift Day

Wow, we got lots of mail today!

I got an article about the Beatles from my dad, all of our redirected mail from Jeff's mom, and a 23lb box of dried groceries also from Jeff's mom.

I actually ended up having to pay $25 for Linda's box because it was underpaid. I asked how that could have happened if Linda had taken it into a post office in Ontario. I was told that what was paid was enough for shipment in southern Canada, but up here it was not. So there you go, $50 in shipping for a 23lb box. I didn't mind at all because $25 for all that was in the box was a great bargain.

I was excited to haul that box home and see what was in it. There is so much stuff, thanks Linda! There's pasta and drink crystals and cookies and garlic and gravy mix and whiskey and vodka and so much more. There's a LOT of stuff in it. It's our own mini sealift day, haha. Plus Linda is apparently sending us two more of these very shortly. We're running out of cupboard space!! Haha...seriously, this apartment is pretty bad on kitchen space. There is about a square foot of usable counter space and then a bunch of small cabinets.

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