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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Coral Harbour

Thought I'd make a quick post with a few photos from my excursion to Coral Harbour. There's a few more on our Flickr page, but these are my favourites.

coral harbour 1
Down the street from my shack hotel. After I took this photo, I noticed that about 6 kids were watching me take the picture and taking a liking to my digital camera. By the time I walked a few houses down the street, the kid-count was up to at least a dozen.

A view of houses along one of the main thoroughfares ;)

I'm presuming this is the "harbour" part of Coral Harbour. I was surprised at the size of some of the boats (none visible in this picture), but presume they're part of a commercial fishing operation (?)

P.S. This is for Mudlark (Jess). She has the option to move to either Cambridge Bay or Iqaluit and she's not quite sure where to go. Any thoughts? She'd appreciate it!

(posted by Jeff)

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