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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No Longer Newbies?

I'm pretty sure I just witnessed two qallunaats' first visit to the Northern. They were looking around at everything and talking like they'd never been there before. I've never seen them around town either and even though I know we're still new, you kind of pay attention to the other qallunaats.

I tried to follow them around for a bit but I didn't want to be obvious. And let's face it, I was way too amused with the idea of other newbies to keep my cool. I'll feel pretty stupid if I meet these people (or they read this blog!) and they've been living here forever, but they seemed very green. I suddenly felt like a Rankin guru as I checked out and left. It was a nice feeling.

School is going well. Both my classes are easy as predicted but I don't mind. I like having things to work on. It feels nice to use my brain.

I plan on calling the local Girl Guide leader to see if they need volunteers. My friend from school told me they are apparently always looking for volunteers and that they do a lot of camping and trips out on the land. I really hope they want me to volunteer because it's been my dorky life-long dream to be a Guide leader.

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