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Friday, May 25, 2007


Greetings from Summerside, PEI! In case you've been wondering why we haven't been updating lately, it's because we've been enjoying what we call Maycation 2007.

Here is a brief rundown of what we've done so far:
May 10-16th: I (Jaime) spent time with friends and my brother in Toronto. Good times were had and many dollars were spent. By the end, I had been to the Eaton's Centre 3 or 4 times and my feet were very sore. On the flight from Rankin to Winnipeg, I flew with Sheila Rogers and Jonathon Torrens, who were in town for our golf tournament. Rick Mercer was also supposed to be on the flight but I guess he didn't make it to Rankin for some reason.

May 16-19: I spent a few days in mine and Jeff's hometown, Sarnia (Ontario). Although I was constantly on the go, it was a nice change of pace from Toronto. Not to mention, I was able to drive myself around. I hadn't driven since July! I was surprised at how easy it was, considering it had been 9 months of not driving anything. I hadn't even ridden a bike.

May 14-18: Jeff spent the week in Iqaluit for a week-long work event. He called me while I was in Toronto and told me, "It's a freaking metropolis here!" I found it funny, considering I was in Toronto (population: 2,503,281) and he was in Iqaluit (population: 6184). On the 18th, Jeff flew to Ottawa and spent the night.

May 19th: After an extremely tight connecting flight, Jeff and I met in Ottawa. I almost didn't make it because our plane was delayed and the connection was tight as it was (my plane from Toronto was set to land at the same time I was supposed to board the Ottawa plane). There were a flew of us on the plane and they let us get off first, with the instruction to RUN! Once I ran through 9 gates and met Jeff, he told me they weren't going to leave without us anyway.

We flew to Halifax, got our rental Jeep, and spent a few hours sleeping in Lower Sackville before heading out towards Cape Breton. We spent one night in Antigonish, drove the entire Cabot Trail, spent two nights in Sydney, then drove to Charlottetown. We spent two nights there and drove to Summerside today. Jeff and I are both in agreement that Charlottetown has been our favourite part so far. That might be because it was cold and rainy for the whole trip until we reached Charlottetown.

We're on our way to Cavendish tomorrow, where we may reluctantly do the Anne of Green Gables thing.

Here are some of the nicer photos we've taken so far. As always, there's WAY more on our Flickr.

The rental Jeep. She's brand new and only had something like 1200km on her! Not anymore!

I took this photo in Cow Bay, NS. I love this's amazing.

Pleasant Harbour, Cape Breton. The grey on the top of the photo is fog...something which dominated the first 3 days of our trip.

The Cabot Trail from within Cape Breton Highlands National Park. That road sign is very, very accurate. Also, the snow during this leg of our vacation was a little scary to me, considering we were on vacation to get away from snow, heh. Luckily, the snow was just on the mountains.

Cliché Atlantic Canada lighthouse photo. Taken from Neil's Harbour, Cape Breton.

Lighthouse and red soil at Wood Islands, PEI. Taken from the ferry.

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