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Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 Days In

So I have survived a week and a half!

So far I have eaten at 3 different restaurants: The Frobisher Inn, The Discovery Lodge, and The Nova. All three surpassed the nicest restaurant in Rankin which is a very nice change. However, The Discovery Lodge and The Nova were quite expensive. Many thanks to Janice, who treated me to dinner at The Nova. Although I had only been in town a few days, it was nice to see a familiar face.

I've got myself all hooked up with Qiniq and I am happy about that!

Work is going well and for the most part, the days go by quickly.

I'll hopefully be moving into my own place next week. I'm housesitting at the moment and I am so desperate to fully unpack my stuff. All of my things have been in Rubber Maid totes since the end of January and I am getting quite sick of it. I long to place things on shelves and in drawers. It's sad how strong such a banal desire is!

I've been driven around town enough now to have a basic understanding of where things are. I'm really hoping I am put into an apartment downtown because I do not own a vehicle and I'd rather not have to use taxis everytime I want groceries or to check the mail.

I'm enjoying being by myself. The first few days of being alone were strange but I've mostly adjusted to it now. I'm used to talking A LOT more than I am these days, so I feel like a total chatterbox when I call friends and family in Ontario. I really enjoy not being woken up at night, not having to share food, cleaning up my own messes, not having to remember to be considerate of someone else, not having to look at another person's mess, and best of all: not having to listen to another person or their music or TV shows. I am obsessed with silence. That's one thing I really like about the north. It's so quiet. You can go outside and hear absolutely nothing. I love that. So needless to say, only hearing myself in this townhouse is amazing.

I hope this blog is interesting in a two-fold kind of way. On one hand, I have just moved to a place where I don't know a soul, and on the other hand, this is my first time being completely on my own. I've never lived by myself before and I've never had to depend on myself so much. There's always been someone around to help me. So I hope if you're reading this that you'll look forward to reading about the tremendous growth experience I've just begun.

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