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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Go Figure

On Friday after work, I decided to walk to the Quickstop near the house I am staying in temporarily. If you know Iqaluit, it's the Quickstop on Apex Road. I was listening to my iPod as I walked because it's a long walk from work. I did some shopping and shoved my headphones in my bag. I was having a hard time with it because I'm a klutz and I was sweating profusely (my parka is huge). I didn't bother putting my headphones back on after I finished in the Quickstop because I hate juggling with ten million things.

Anyway, the next day I got suited up to walk to Arctic Ventures and I noticed I had lost one of the rubber earpieces from my headphones. It was nowhere. $80 headphones: garbage. They're unusable without the ear piece and the larger pieces they came with don't fit in my ear. Thankfully for me, there is a Radio Shack The Source by Circuit City in Arctic Ventures so I picked out another pair (with more earpieces, ugh).

Then today I was looking through my Rubbermaid totes for anything to entertain myself with. I found an old purse, opened it, and inside were my unused pair of iPod headphones. Arghh. At least I know the ones I bought are better quality.

Have I mentioned I love the fact that there's an electronics store here? I'm a pretty big geek, so I can only imagine how much time I'm going to be spending in there. I've already purchased a cell phone from it. My very first cell phone, no less. I am still figuring out all the functions but I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the time. I'm not technologically illiterate, I know how to navigate menus and everything, but there is nowhere to change the time. It's nowhere in the instruction manual. So I beg of you...if you own a Samsung m510, please tell me how to change the clock!