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Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year Ramblings

Whoever suggested gasline antifreeze, thank you! It seems to be working well for my cold-frightened Suzuki. I know a few people actually suggested it but I had no idea how to obtain this product and put in my car. Then someone told me, "Just ask the gas pump attendant and they pour it in." Easy enough! This is my first car so I'm still learning the ropes.

The New Year's resolutions are still going well. I decided to drop the resolution to renew my membership at Atii Fitness Centre. I never really enjoyed going to the classes there, the few times I did. I didn't have a bad experience with them per se, I just didn't enjoy them very much. I think it's the wall of mirrors you face in the "classroom." I don't like looking at myself or the idea that other people could be mocking my complete lack of grace.

I've taken a new approach to my exercise regime. I used to go right after work to get it done with, but I realized that since I generally have nothing to do anyway, I'll push it back later. That way I (usually) get the gym to myself and I know I can't eat snacks when I get home from work at 4. And when I do get home after the gym, I don't have enough time to sit around getting bored. It works for me, though probably not for other people who have kids and spouses and whatnot.

Anyway. The days are getting longer again which I'm sure every northerner is thrilled about. On Friday I was driving home from work at 4pm and I thought, "Wow, the sky isn't completely black! Yay!" It was just mostly black.

Right now I'm in a mental bind about my vacation. I planned to go out in April but every way I look at it, it seems better to wait until late spring or early summer. I don't really want to wait, though, but I suppose sacrifices have to be made sometimes. This time around, I'll be hitting up the Dominican Republic, Montreal, Hamilton, and my hometown, Sarnia. As close as I lived to Hamilton my whole life (3 hours away), I can't recall ever going there. My boyfriend is from Hamilton so I'm going to go meet his family (we're taking vacation together).

As any northerner has probably experienced, going home at holidays is usually described as "busy and hectic." Everybody in a 200 mile radius that you're acquainted with wants you to come visit them when it's generally not feasible for you. I have a hard time scheduling in everybody and every time, somebody has to be dropped. I dropped out Toronto when I went home last March which angered one of my friends. I can understand why they'd be upset that I didn't come visit, but if they understood how many things I need to do when I'm in Ontario, I hope they'd understand. For me, Toronto is the "must go to" spot for all of my vacations. My brother and my two best friends live there, as well as other relatives whom I haven't even had time to see in a few years. It is really hard to plan all this, especially when you have to plan it around people's schedules. I heard someone up here once say that if our friends and family want to see us so badly, they should come to us! I must say, I agree. It would make my life that much easier!

Now for some pictures from December!

My friend Tori's mittens during a walk. Tori, being from Ontario and all, found it amusing that ice was forming on us during a cold morning walk.

Steam rising up from the sides of the breakwater dock. I'd never seen anything like this before.

Another view of the steam at the breakwater.

One last view of the steam.

Boats in the morning.

I love the shape of this building. I can't imagine how cramped it is inside, though!

A dog watching Tori and I.

The road near the breakwater.

Getting ready to go to my work Christmas party. Notice the dress over the snowpants?

Me on my way to the Christmas party. I am actually quite dressed up under all this. I apologize for the weird look on my face.

Sled dogs near the dump.

Iqaluit from New Plateau area.

Iqaluit from the breakwater dock.

Yours truly, covered in ice.