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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Northern Speakeasies AKA North Mart

One of my favourite parts about vacation preparations is buying tiny, trial/travel-sized products. Unfortunately, our North Mart has an embarrassing selection of trial-sized products. I believe right now they are offering one brand of shampoo, no conditioner, trial-sized Lady Speed Stick, a small bag of cotton balls, and super cheap Gillette Sensor razors- not a trial-sized product by any means. I had a Gillette Sensor as a young teenager, it was the first razor I owned. I'm not sure how that classifies it as a trial-sized product, but okay, North Mart, go for it.

In light of dental work I've had lately (the first in many years- oops) I wanted to bring mouthwash on holidays. If you've ever shopped in a Nunavut grocery store, you know that such a product is locked behind a cabinet. Any products here that contain alcohol are locked up. This includes mouthwash, hairspray, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, Purell, and vanilla. Although I am a mentally sane person in most ways, I always find asking to get into the cabinet uncomfortable. I'm clearly not a user of inedible alcohol products, but I always know that for one split second the employee is asking themselves, "Okay, is this girl just going to drink this hairspray later or should I let her take one?"

This evening I asked a North Mart employee, "Can I get in there?" referring to the locked cabinet, and I immediately thought, "Oh great, Jaime. That doesn't sound desperate!" It's funny: even though I intend to use the products legitimately, I always tell myself I have to seem convincing of it. Mouthwash was all I went to North Mart for but I told myself, "You can't check out with just mouthwash, you'll look insane!" Yes, I really do have these thought processes.

Maybe I analyze things too much, or maybe I'm just delirious since I'll be in Ontario 48 hours from now. Nobody needs to relax right now more than I do and I'm so thankful I can do starting around tomorrow at 4:30pm.

I believe I already said this long suckers!

Extra extra, read all about it...
I forgot to include some photos!

Oh, is it really 11:30pm? Hmm, I don't feel sleepy.

2:30am. Nope, not falling asleep anytime soon.

3am and the sun is up. Oh goody.

My okpik collection. I love these things. I'm not really into Inuit art, save for okpiks and Kenojuak Ashevak prints (if I could afford one). So while my carving collection remains at a measly 2, my okpik collection continues to grow.

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