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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Obligatory Vacation Photos

After a busy, exhausting week in Alberta, my sister and I have returned. West Edmonton Mall was so much fun, especially the water park. I didn't end up doing very much shopping but still managed to have an overweight suitcase (according to Dr. Air Canada).

Jasper was amazing of course. Every single time I told someone we were going to Jasper, the reply was always, "Oh! Jasper! I LOVE Jasper! You're going to have a great time!" Indeed, it's a hard place to dislike.

Anyway, I won't bore you with words. Here are some choice photos.

My sister and I (right and left, respectively) on some space drop ride in Galaxy Land (at WEM). We staged this and then were too cheap to buy the actual photo.

A slice of heaven...I love water slides.

My sister and I canoeing on Pyramid Lake in Jasper.

Me with my hour-old tattoo (under the bandage) with 382 Galaxy Land tickets. All it got us was an inflatable frisbee.

Elk on the road...we saw so many of them.

We did a tour thing to Mt. Robson.

We rented bikes and biked down this trail (which eventually led us nowhere).

All in all, we had a great time. I love the west. I've spent time in both the Atlantic and Pacific regions of Canada and although I loved the maritimes, I think I'll be adding myself to western Canada's population some day.

Also, here is what I learned from holidays this time: don't travel on little to no sleep. I was awake basically from Sunday at 9:00am MDT to Tuesday morning at 1:30am EDT. I did it voluntarily because we had a very early Greyhound bus, however it made the rest of the day very frustrating. I ended up leaving my jacket in an airport shuttle (which I got back), then left my iPod and cell phone at security in Edmonton. I was cranky all day, and then eventually burst out crying when we missed our last flight. The nice people at Air Canada took pity on me, though (they said they thought I was 17 or 18!) and gave my sister and I a free night at the Delta with $50 to spend on meals. I imagine that's pretty standard if it's Air Canada's fault that you missed your flight, but it still made me feel better.

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