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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Northern Lights and Kentucky Fried Chicken

I'm getting a cold, I can tell. I always get sick in August.

My two trips out of town got cancelled this week, and replaced with another to Coral Harbour tomorrow, so I'm hoping I feel better by then.

On Saturday night, we went out to look at stars, because it wasn't cloudy for the first time in a while. It just happened to be that there was a lot of northern lights, and we got to see quite a good show. In Ontario, I'd seen the northern lights two, maybe three times, and they always occurred in the northern sky. It's sort of neat up here because they're all over the place. Not to mention much brighter than the ones I had seen. We didn't take our camera with us, unfortunately, so we didn't get any pictures. I remember being pretty cold on Saturday night, and it was windy anyhow, so I likely wouldn't have been able to hold the camera still enough to take any decent pictures of them.

Jaime's doing dishes, the cat is constantly meowing, and bingo is on the radio. The movers still haven't shown up with our TV. I could go for some TV right now.

We actually splurged and went to the Pizza Hut/KFC kiosk in the Northern for supper. We each got our own personal sized meal combos and surprisingly it only set us back about $16, including two pepsis. The food was actually really good .

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