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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The First of Many Brrrrs!

Wow, it got down to 3.7C last night! Ouch!
For you Americans, 3.7C is 37F.

Jeff and I have a weather monitor thing. One piece goes outside and then the actual monitor part tells you the time, the temp. inside, and the temp. outside. It also records the maximum and minimum outside temperature since it's been last reset. It's pretty neat, it's fun to always know what temperature it is. Unfortunately the sun skews the outside temperature during the day. Yesterday when Jeff and I headed out to the Quickstop, I looked at the weather monitor and said, "Well, it's 32C, dress accordingly!" We both laughed while we continued putting on sweaters.

Jeff has gone to Coral Harbour until tomorrow.

Today on the agenda is to buy some more Hostess chocolate chunk cookies and to drop off my confirmation of acceptance into Nunavut Arctic College. I don't remember if I wrote about it, but I was accepted into the Office Administration program. I'm way excited to go to school again. I'm not sure how college-y it'll be (by Ontario standards) but either way I'm sure it'll be fun. I had my transcript faxed over there and I wondered if they would understand the course codes since they're different everywhere. Sure enough, they called me and told me I needed to come do their math and English test, which they only make you do if you don't have grade 12 math and English credits, which I do. I wasn't worried about it, though, since I did well in school, especially in math and English. Jeff had told me that they asked for me to come a bit before 1pm but I didn't get there until right on the dot of 1pm and I felt bad about it...until I saw that everyone was still on lunch. I used the chance to walk around a little bit, which made me more excited to go there. I finally sat down on a bench and decided to wait for someone and about 30 seconds later someone returned, knew who I was, and told me that they had been mistaken and I don't need to take the test.

I'm lucky because the college is very, very close to our building.
Here is how close it is:

The red building is the college. If I take the shortcut behind the Tapiriit building, it's like a 40 second walk. It rocks.

Our cat has serious mental problems. Ever since she got spayed last month, she can't stand not having attention lavished upon her 24 hours a day. Right now she's sitting at the door cry-meowing. She only stops when I quit what I'm doing and play with her until she gets tired or until Jeff comes home. She only seems comfortable when we're both here. It is seriously freaking annoying and I have to wear earplugs to bed after Jeff leaves so I don't lose my insanity the way I am right now. It is very, very annoying dealing with this every single day. I don't know what to do with her, she won't snap out of it. I am hoping she quits once I go to school so she won't be used to someone being home with her all the time like it has been since she was spayed.

Anyway, my brother made a neat cartoon for us. Check it out.

P.S. I also want to take the opportunity to say that because of our lovely site meter, we know where all our regular readers live. Not specifically of course, but we know what city you live in. We seem to have 1 or 2 Rankin readers. Oh how I wish they'd comment. ;)

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