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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Food Prices

We went grocery shopping again tonight at the Tru-Value (yes, normally that is a hardware store) and since all the 'southerners' who read our blog were so fascinated by our last food price post, here's more from the past week:

2 Cans of Dr. Pepper $1.87 each
1 Loaf of Wonder Bread $3.49
1 box of six Fish Sticks $9.99
1 package of 12 hot dog buns: $4.99
24 slices of American cheese: $7.69
1 Hostess cookie: $2.19
2 cans of tuna: $3.79
12 cans of Pepsi: $18.79

...and finally, 1L container of apple juice:

... that's right, $5.89.

(posted by Jeff)