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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Alone on the Mainland

Jeff has gone to Coral Harbour until 11pm tonight so I'm alone on the North American mainland.

I had a Guides meeting tonight which I had to lead alone because our main leader had to leave for a family emergency. I was really nervous about leading Guides alone, especially since we had so much planned. It turned out pretty well, though. We had a mom helper who I honestly couldn't have done tonight without. She was a huge help.

I knew from reading other blogs that Inuit people won't always nod their head to say yes, they'll raise their eyebrows instead (like what people in the south do if they didn't hear something). I've been looking to see somebody do that, but I hadn't seen it yet until tonight. I had to ask a girl if something lying on the ground was hers, and the conversation went like this: "Is this yours? ...Is it? ...Is this yours? ...Yes? ...It's yours? ...This is yours, right? ...Right? ...This is yours? Yes? Okay."

After tonight's jam-packed meeting, I think I will relax by drinking this excellent Pepsi and watching some good old television.

On our sidebar I've added "resources for future Nunavummiut." Since one of the aims of our blog is to help people who are moving here, I finally got around to posting those links. If anyone knows of any other links that would help people who are moving here, please let me know.

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