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Friday, September 22, 2006

Useless Update #1 of Probably Many

I just thought I'd make a little update to let everyone know we are alive, but just that nothing truly blog-worthy is going on right now.

We're settling into our schedules of school and work. My current courses are almost over. In fact, I'm taking my Intro to Computers exam today because I'm "ready" for it. So far in that class I have a 94% or 95%. Most of the things I got wrong were on matching definitions and most of them could be argued, but I don't care that much.

I just had my midterm yesterday in math and I got 96%. My mark in the class is probably 89%-ish. The residence coordinator asked me today how I liked the course so far and it was hard not to say, "It's extremely easy so far!" I just said something about it being, "good" and that I liked it, because I do.

Also, I've been to two Girl Guide meetings so far. I am kind of like the assistant leader I suppose. I am getting together with some other people in a few days to discuss leading Brownies. There is someone else interested in doing Brownies with me and I hope they still want to because I'm not sure if I have it in me yet to be THE Brownie leader. However, they don't just kind of throw you out there and say, "Go!" There's training and other leaders attend for awhile to help you out.

Next week the Guides are having an indoor camp and I'll be there. It should be fun.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the Guides thing so far. I'm in Management Studies at the college so I may as well learn some real-life management skills on the side, too. I've never been the type to jump at being a leader of anything so this should help quite a bit with that.

Well, I'm going to try to warm up. I accidentally left the bedroom window open while I went to school and when I came home I could see my breath inside the apartment!

(posted by Jaime)