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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Trip to Iqalugaarjuup Nunanga Park

We were fortunate enough to have Jaime's classmate and her husband take us out on the land today. It was great. We went to the local territorial park, the entrance of which is on the right.

Here are some more pictures:

Above: This is the Meliadine river inside the park. All you can see is big boulders in all directions. It doesn't look like much of a river, but you could hear it quite well from where we were standing.

This is a sod house. It is a caribou skin roof.

Geese flying South.

Our picture of the day: An arctic fox eating what looks to be a white mitten. Hopefully there still isn't a hand in it.

A portly little siksik.

The 18th hole of the Rankin Inlet Golf and Country Club: where the greens are like carpet.

There are lots more on our Flicker page if you want to see them. Check out the Thule site and a photo of Jaime and me in the sod house.

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