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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Life is Good

Well I guess I should make an update about all the great things that are going on with me (and Jeff!) lately.

1. I won $500 in a Skype contest about why and how I use Skype. It was the grand prize and there were 10 people who won. The $500 is a gift certificate for which is an eBay site that sells only movies, music, and video games. I haven't ever bought anything from there but I don't think there is bidding. I think it's just a place to buy cheap stuff...and cheap is it ever. We're probably just going to buy a bunch of movies for the long winter ahead. I don't need any video games and as far as music goes, the only thing I have in mind is 1 or 2 Simon & Garfunkel CDs. I already own everything I like but I forgot my parents' Simon & Garfunkel CD in Ontario.
Anyone who's ever checked out will know that $500 goes a long way! We will be able to buy a ton of movies. I'm excited! The only annoying part of this is that I have to fax them a release form and it has to be notarized. There's only one notary here and I've got my appointment made with her for tomorrow.

2. We got a ton of mail today. There was something for me and I couldn't figure out what it could be until I got home. I ripped it open to find a credit card with my name on it. I freaked out in joy. I've already spent $80. I love my credit card. It's a student one so it has this cheesy college scene on it that makes me laugh when I look at it. This is my first credit card, by the way. I've been trying for a year to get a credit card so you can imagine how happy I was.

3. Our boots arrived! I love my suede ones. They're just casual boots, they're not temperature rated. I went to the Northern in them and they're very comfortable. I can't feel the rocks on the ground in them. My main pairs of shoes are so thin on the bottom that if I walk anywhere in them, my feet hurt so much because of the rocks. I walked around the apartment in my Sorel ones (rated to -74C) and they are very heavy. I expected that, though.

4. Our ski goggles (argh, so hard not to type "google") arrived too! Today was a big day. The goggles are pretty cool. I have no idea when we will ever wear them but they're good to have.

Jeff is gone to Coral Harbour tonight so I have been on the computer all night. I don't know where the time has gone, honestly.

My northern issues class is almost over. It's been good so far.

Well, that's about it for me. Other than that, things have been pretty normal.

When I was getting my parcels from the post office, the lady who works in there knew my name but I've never introduced myself. As I walked home, I thought, "You know you're living in the right place if the people at the post office know your name and you've never told them it." Either she reads this blog or she pays good attention to our mail. :) Either way, I'm happy.

My very last point is that today in class we watched a video about the events in Iqaluit leading up to April 1st, 1999 (the creation of Nunavut). I was watching it the whole time thinking, "Wow, Iqaluit is HUGE!"

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