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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meet Me On the Sunny Road

Two and a half months in, though it feels longer (in a good way).

Things are swell with me lately. The cats are all getting along and I enjoy the orchestra of purrs and meows when I come home from work.

The weather is warming up in Iqaluit and it is making me quite happy.

For the last few days I have been entered into the vast kingdom of dog ownership. I am dogsitting for a coworker while she is out of town and so far so good. I never really pay much attention to dogs as I've never owned one and 99% of them annoy me. The dog I am taking care of now has been trained exceptionally well (props to my coworker for that one). It's like he understands English, it's amazing. I've never had an interest in owning dogs as I'm a cat person through and through, but this little guy is nice to have around. I have him down at my place and I feel like I'm living in a zoo sometimes with 3 cats and a dog. The cats don't mind him too much. The kittens love to chase him around and then turn the other way and run from him. They run under the bed (where the dog can't get under) and poke their heads out at him. It's pretty funny.

The weather was so nice out today that I took the pooch out for a walk around Nakasuk School area. I think I might have enjoyed it more than the dog did. I love being outside when it's warm out. I know I'm acclimatized to the north because according to Weather Office, it was only 4C while I was outside. It felt like it was at least 15C, though. It was great.

So I am almost definitely buying a vehicle in about a month. I am pretty sure I am buying a 2002 Suzuki XL-7 off an acquaintance. Words can't even describe how excited I am about it. This will be my first vehicle and I'm proud to own it in Iqaluit all by my sweet self with my own money. I have decided that I altogether get too much of a kick out of never having to share anything.

I have been sharing a little bit lately, though. I found someone to share my couch with for Guitar Hero, movies, and my favourite: Seinfeld reruns. I've even been sharing my cooking and baking creations. Yes, Mom and Dad! I said cooking! I made us dinner the other night which he thoroughly enjoyed. My successful dinner has motivated me to cook again tonight which I am going to do after this entry.

Anyway, back to the not sharing part. It is really extraordinary how much I am prospering just by fulfilling my need for alone time. I know a lot of people don't like to live alone, but now that I've experienced it, I don't think I'll ever have it any other way. I enjoy doing two things you would rarely find me doing prior to April: cooking and cleaning. My apartment is clean and my stomach is always full. I work out regularly, my bedroom and bathroom are tidy, and I even find time to vacuum and sweep weekly. I'm unrecognizable!

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