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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yet Another Grocery Post

Since I'm pretty sure nobody is sick of these grocery entries yet, I bring you yet another grocery post.

580g of drink crystals: $6.49
Hamburger Helper: $4.49
"Ham Helper" (same thing as above but different brand): $3.59
Canned cream of broccoli (smaller size, makes two bowls): $2.59
Package of approx 24 no-name cookies: $3.85
6 cans of Pepsi: $10.98
Small amount of fresh ground beef: $4.50
4 very small chicken breasts: $7.95
Package of 3o-35 chicken nuggets: $9.99

In other news, we opened up a bank account yesterday and deposited all the wedding money. Wedding money is now grocery money.

I also am in the middle of applying to Arctic College but I am waiting to be called back because there was some confusion about a computer course that I wanted to take.

We are also still just borrowing Internet as the local Qiniq "dealership" is still waiting for modems to be shipped in. They were supposed to be in last week but I just called and they're still not in.

The sun is starting to set earlier but it still does not get very dark once it does set. I've noticed that the horizon stays a pink colour after the sun sets and does so until the sun rises again. It starts to get bright around 4am. If you lied in bed all day, it would be difficult to tell what time it is based on sunlight. Take this morning for example. Jeff woke up all frantic and asked me what time it was. I turned the clock around and replied, "five," and he said, "'s hard to tell," and then we fell back asleep.

We might be going out on the land this weekend with some of Jeff's coworkers. They said it's not definite but I'll be very excited if it is. We'd get to use somebody's ATV. I am dying for an ATV as just walking around gets kind of boring and I want to see what it looks like outside of town.

Well, that's all for me.

Oh yeah..
To Tammy: Try not to get too nervous. :) I was personally surprised by how smoothly everything went. If you've already ordered your parkas then you definitely have nothing to worry about, haha. I'm still looking for someone who sells the Canada Goose parka that I want. P.S. Check out Northern Sights. A guy named Curtis writes it and he just moved to Repulse Bay this past month.

To the anonymous winter gear tipster: Thank you for your advice, we are definitely going to follow it. I think Jeff is going to go into that Weaver and Devore store when he is in Yellowknife. He plans to buy his parka there.

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