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Saturday, September 30, 2006


A few questions to those who would know:

1. Jeff and I are looking at winter boots from Winnipeg Outfitters. We'd like to buy most of our winter gear from the same place to cut back on shipping. I've found some nice boots (seen here) but they are only rated to -40C and the temperatures here can get down to -50C.

My question is, would -40C be good enough? I own wool socks and during the winter I'll probably be wearing the wool socks over a cotton pair of socks. Fortunately I live 1 minute from school and 1 minute to the Northern, so the majority of my time spent outside in the cold will be for less than 60 seconds. Of course, we do plan to get out on the ice and land this winter too, but that would only be a few times.

Maybe it's trivial, but I am trying to buy things I like aesthetically as well as for their practicality. I know I'll be wearing this stuff many times and for hopefully more than a few years so I want to like it and feel good wearing it.

For the ladies reading this, I also plan on getting these. As of right now, the warmest and most rugged pair of shoes I own is a pair of Nike runners so I figure I need to work on my sadly southern-Ontario-wussy footwear collection.

Are ski goggles a necessity? We don't want to buy anything we don't need.

3. Also, if anyone has ever purchased anything from Winnipeg Outfitters, we'd like to know if you had a good transaction or not.

(posted by Jaime)

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