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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


We got our mittens today! My friend took me to the house of a lady who makes fur mittens. She also acted as my translator which was nice of her. I have great friends here!

My mittens are made of moose skin and Jeff's are beaver fur. We've been wearing them today and they're quite warm inside the house. I can't wait to try them out when it gets cold.

My friend, her husband, and I went out for a drive again today which was awesome as always. Today was probably the last time I'll see the land snow-free until next spring.

I also bought an Arctic College zip-up fleece sweater. It's really nice but it's a bit big. Our school is selling some nice sweaters and vests...anyone want anything? send the money, I'll send the NAC goods!

We also ordered some ski goggles and boots yesterday. These are what Jeff ordered, and I ordered these and these (in black) as a secondary, fall/spring pair.

Here are photos...enjoy.

The mittens!

Me trying to rile Leah up with Jeff's mitten.

Me in my new sweater. the best school ever.

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