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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Hmm...something interesting just happened to me.

I was walking over to the Northern (conveniently located just across the street) to pick up some dish detergent because I'd had it with washing dishes using dishwasher detergent (we made a boo boo and bought 5 boxes of the stuff, thinking we'd have a dishwasher).
Now, one point about me is that I walk fast. Especially when I'm alone as I was just now. I have always walked fast and I don't know if even living up here will change that. I also don't slow down when I'm shopping because I hate wasting time in stores. I buy what I want and leave. So I had picked out some Sunlight, grabbed a pop and newspaper, and headed over to the cashier. When I got in line, the lady in front of me turned to me, gave me a funny look, and said, "Are you in a rush?" Inside, I was thinking, "Whuh?" but all I said was "Nope" cheerily. Before the lady left, she gave me another weird look while I stared off into space pleasantly.

I can't say I'm surprised, really.

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