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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Home Alone, the Sequel

Okay, so being home alone isn't all that bad.
I happen to sleep much better when I'm not elbowed in the face four times a night and rolled on top of another six times.

One thing I'd never know about myself unless I slept alone is that I hardly move at all. I wake up and the sheets are still all perfect. When I was kid, my mom would tuck my blankets in all the way around the bed (minus the head) and I'd wake up with them still nicely tucked in.

There has been construction going on outside our building since we moved here and this morning I heard the most awful, deafening sound. It sounded like metal...crushing against rocks. And that's what it turned out to be. Some crane thing moving around on the rocks. Argh, it was the worst noise in the world. I thought my ear drums were going to pack up and move out of my ears for good.

Other than that, Home Alone Day #2 is going quite well. It's sunny out with hardly any clouds, about 17C, and I got real mail...with money in it! Another wedding card came, so if you're reading this Bob H., thanks! I think Jeff's mom was trying to tell Jeff something...she sent some nicotine patches. Heh.

Jeff called me last night and said Yellowknife wasn't as exciting as he thought it would be. I think he was expecting some bustling metropolis a la Toronto or something. After he got off the phone with me, he was going to a bar for a beer. I told him it would probably taste amazing. He has promised me rum upon his arrival so I am looking forward to that, if it happens. I reckon I would pay about $30 for a rum and Coke right now.

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