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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Beached Seal

Jaime and I were down at the "beach" on Wednesday evening looking for neat looking rocks and discarded objects which I presume could only have come from the closure of the nickel mine that was here at one time. While we were down there, we found a carved seal, which we brought home with us, a picture of which is on the left.

It looks as though it has been down there for a while, based on the wear and tear on it, although soapstone likely doesn't hold up too well in the water. I've taken to calling him Leo the Arthritic Seal, based on the large hump on his back. (maybe he was unfinished?)

Work is great so far, a little bit stressful learning all the procedures to follow and the who's who of all the projects I've been assigned, but it'll sort itself out, I'm sure. In addition to my Yellowknife trip next week, which I'm really looking forward to, I have trips planned for Whale Cove and Coral Harbour this month. It will be great to get out and see some of the other communities in the area so soon. Not so much looking forward to the flights there, hah.

Jaime and I accidently took a four-hour evening nap yesterday which has really confused our sleep schedules. I've heard from my co-workers that keeping up regular sleep habits is a pretty difficult thing to do up here, at first.

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