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Friday, August 11, 2006

Pessimism #2

Ah, darn.

It turns out I can't take the course I wanted to at the college (Information Technology). I've had kind of an annoying ordeal so far with the college. Observe:
#1. Their website is extremely outdated and half the links do not lead to existing pages.
#2. The website listed a course called Computer Technology that I wanted to take.
#3. I went to the school the other day and found that the person I needed to talk to wasn't there but someone else who was rather unhelpful didn't tell me that Computer Technology was now Information Technology. All she said was, "We don't have that." So I took information on the Office Admin. course because it's pretty much the only other course that's going to get me near a computer in the future.
#4. Then I find a more updated course list on the website when I get home, where I find the IT course. I call the college to find out if they have it. Of course, I have to leave a message. Nobody has called me back about it.
#5. Annoyed that no one called me back, I call head office and leave a message on their machine about the IT course.
#6. I get called back this morning from the head office and all they say is they don't know, I have to call this campus. How does the head office not know what's being offered?
#7. I try my luck with this campus again and someone picks up and tells me after all this that no, IT is not being offered.
#8. Arghghgh.

Office administration it is! Now I just need three references to fill out some forms for me...

P.S. I changed the background back to where it was originally. I still need my own place to host the picture so again, if you know where I can, please let me know.

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