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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


After countless hits from people searching, "how to say good morning in inuit," I will finally reveal the answer:

Ublakut (at least in the Kivalliq region).

There! Life is complete. Continue as you were.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Home Again

Well, we're back from vacation. We're just in time for the longest days of the year, too. How convenient, says Jaime sarcastically. I'm not sure if the sky actually gets dark because I've been asleep if it has. And that doesn't really say much, since sleeping has become quite difficult for me since coming back. We have two-thirds of our bedroom window tin-foiled but the pesky one-third left is enough to keep me awake.

Our vacation was very relaxing and we were able to do and see and buy everything we wanted (well, within reason). After Summerside, PEI, we spent 2 nights in Halifax and 2 in Lower Sackville with Jeff's aunt and uncle. Jeff felt sick for most of the time so we ended up taking it easy in Halifax/Lower Sackville. Once we arrived back in Ontario for 2 weeks, we really learned the definition of taking it easy. Other than visiting Tobermory and Windsor, we really didn't do too much other than shopping and spending many hours on Jeff's parents' patio. Jeff's parents have a nice piece of property which was perfect for relaxing.

Jeff's parents' front yard.

As for the sun, here is what I'm talking about:

The sun at 9:41pm.

The sun at 10:29pm.

The sun at 11:07pm.

Let me also point out that last night (when the photos were taken), it was cloudy. Right now it is clear out and it is even brighter:

The sun now, at 10:10pm. I gotta figure out a way to clean that window without buying scaffolding...

I'm going to stop bragging about our sunlight now because we're not even north of arctic circle, where the sun actually does not set. In Rankin it does set, just briefly. In other Rankin news, it appears that many people have left for the summer. Our apartment building seems completely dead, though I do know of a few people in our building who haven't left.

In other news, I also started my new job as the Detachment Clerk for the RCMP yesterday. It's a temporary gig -- just until March -- but I anticipate it to be enjoyable and a good experience. Everybody is really friendly so I imagine the time will fly by.

We finally were able to take out our ATV and take a few rides. It's amazingly fun and I can't wait to take it on the land. As soon as our fishing rods arrive in the mail, we'll be in real business.

To finish this entry, I leave you with the best purchase from our trip.

A gigantic, behemoth remote control.

"To obtain a dialing wand, mash the keypad with your palm NOW." (Any fellow Simpsons buffs reading?)

I'd also like to point out that Jeff is so bored right now, he is reading the phone book.

I'm not lying!

(posted by Jaime)

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