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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy First Anniversary

As of today, Jeff and I have been in Rankin Inlet for exactly one year.

The past year has gone by so quickly and for good reason: it's been an awesome year. Many people didn't think we'd last even this long or they thought that we'd hate it. I have bad news for those people because we love it here and plan to stay for several more years.

I could sit here and write paragraphs and lists of what we've learned and what we like, but we'll just leave it at "lots" and "almost everything" (respectively).

As for what's going on with us lately, we've been house- and dog-sitting for our friends who are on vacation. It's been different having a house to ourselves and a dog to take care of. They have a great view from their kitchen, I can see water! It's a nice change from the land-locked view we have from our own apartment.

Other than that, not a whole lot more is going on. I'm really enjoying my job. I've always had an interest in law and the justice system so the tasks I do are very interesting to me.

We've only obtained one more piece of Inuit art and it's another ring, heh. The new one is made out of gold and has the face of a walrus on either side. I never got around to posting a photo of my ivory ring. On vacation that ring fell on the floor of a McDonalds and broke into a few pieces. Not even a Happy Meal could make me feel better about that, ha ha.

(posted by Jaime)